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Detoxification from Alcohol and Other Drugs describes detoxification care in a number of settings.  Detoxification and patient matching are discussed.  This TIP provides clinical guidelines for detoxification from specific classes of drugs such as sedative-hypnotics, stilumates, and opiates.  Detoxification needs of special populations are discussed. This TIP also includes helpful to planners and policymakers about costs, quality improvement, outcome criteria, health care reform, and linking detoxification -- often the gateway to ongoing treatment -- to the larger continuum of care in the substance abuse treatment system.  Detoxification is described as the process through which a person who is physically dependent on alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medications, or a combination of these drugs is withdrawn from the drug or drugs of dependence.  The goal is to develop comprehensive guidelines that would be useful to State agench directors, doctors, nurses and other clinical staff, policymakers, and other inddividuals involved in planning, evaluating, and providing AOD detoxification services.

Detoxification from Alcohol and other Drugs

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