4 Contact Hour Home Studies

A Study on Alcoholism for Healthcare Workers: This study was written for primary care and other healthcare workers who may work with alcoholics in the practice of their professions.  Drinking becomes too much when it causes or elevates the risk for alcohol-related problems or complicates the management of other health problems.

Chronic Pain and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM): An Overview This home study is designed to give current information in regard to an overview of pain and complementary alternative medicine therapies that are used for the relied of pain.  When people have chronic pain, they may turn to complementary alternative methods for relief after conventional medication has not proven to ease their chronic pain.

Health Care Providers as Patient Educators: Many factors prevalent in today's society are requiring patients and their families to be better informed in regards to health care and the prevention of illness.  Because all health care providers play a major role in health care education, they need to be aware of different ways to help patients and their families become prpared to make informed and educated decisions regarding health care issues.