2 Contact Hour Home Studies

Eating Disorders: Types and Treatments  Eating disorders are very complex and are marked by extremes.  Despite scientific research to understand them, the biological, behavioral and social underpinnings of these illnesses remain elusive.  They are treatable diseases that require a great deal of understanding.

Learning and Neurological Disorders of the Brain This home study is designed to give current information in regard to the advances that have been and are being done regarding the understanding of how the brain works.  Much has been learned regarding genetic causes for diseases and there have been many new diagnostic strategies that have been developed.  Three-dimensional structures of the living brain have allowed us to see the brain in action.

Lupus Erythematosus: This home study has been developed to assist the health professional towards a better understanding of an autoimmune disorder that affects a large population.  The disorder can present with mild to advanced multi-system symptoms.  This program has been taken from a variety of governmental sources.  To name just a few: FDA, CDC, NIH etc.  Others are named in the body of this study.

Personality Disorders: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments:  This home study is a survey look at a variety of personality disorders and they causes, symptoms and treatments for each one.  Personality disorders are long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that cause serious problems with relationships and work.  People with personality disorders have difficulty dealing with everyday stresses and problems.  They often have story relationships with other people.  The exact cause of personality disorders is unknown.   However, genes and childhood experiences both may play a role in these disorders.

Overview of Vaccine and Antiviral Medication for H1N1(Swine Flu) Virus: This home study is designed to give information about the "Swine Flu" which is a flu virus that has caused illness in many persons.  It has been spreading to many people worldwide since 2009 and although the pandemic is over, the h1n1 still exists and this study is an interesting study on a modern pandemic.


Shingles:This home study is on shingles and the herpes zoster.  It discusses symptoms, complications and research being done to fight this painful virus.

Ulcerative Colitis: This home study has been prepared to assist the health care professional to better understand the underlying pathophysiology and treatment options for this autoimmune disease that affects persons from the youngest to the oldest.