12 Contact Hour Home Studies

Common Medicinal Herbs: Identification, Uses, and Side Effects: This home study is designed to introduce the reader to the use of common medicinal herbs.  Herbs and/or dietary supplements are used by many persons today, many times without any information regarding them.  There are many dietary supplements on the market, many claims about their health benefits, and it can be puzzling wading through what is both safe and effective.  This home study provides a general overview of dietary supplements, discusses safety considerations, and suggests sources for additional information.

Get Off the Couch! A Common Sense Approach to Exercise:  This course is designed to assist the reader in applying common sense to an exercise program.  The different types of exercise activity are defined as well as the amount of time that should be spent in physical activity each week.  Advice and tips for all types of people, those with physical disabilities as well as those with no physical disabilities are presented.  The program stresses that all persons who plan to begin a program of physical activity discuss with their personal physicians the type and limitations of the exercise that was recommended.

HIV/AIDS:  History, Pathophysiology, and Treatment: This home study program is designed for health care professionals who wish to increase their knowledge about the history, pathophysiology, and treatment regimens for HIV/AIDS.  The role of the immune system in the protection and prevention of disease will be presented.  The pathogenesis of the human immunodeficiency virus and how it gradually deteriorates the immune system will be discussed.  Current treatment regimens will also be presented, including medications used to treat HIV/AIDS and the opportunistic infections that accompany this disease.

I'm So Tired/I Can't Sleep!: Sleep and Sleep Disorders: This home study was written to inform healthcare workers of the value of sleep in each person's life.  The importance of sleep is shown in the amount of time each person sleeps per day,  The mind is not idle when we sleep.  If we do not get adequate sleep, the next day our activity levels will be inadequate.  Adequate sleep is important for us to carry out vital tasks in our everyday lives.